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Miniature Multiverse Images


Miniature Multiverse is a first-person virtual tour of imaginative, handcrafted miniature worlds with some puzzle/adventure-game elements integrated into the design.

The method used to create this, along with the initial vision for it, circa 2011, was explained in the quick Kickstarter video from 2011 shown here in a somewhat condensed form [with the Kickstarter specific stuff largely removed]:


The crowdfunding campaign failed in 2011 - despite KS staff giving the idea a 'projects we love' designation - but since that time I've built up a lot of supplies and materials needed to get a great baseline version of the project working.

I'm using Unity 5.6.3 and Playmaker, a digital camera with 20+ megapixel stills, macro lens, DIY camera mount, and a lot of miniature scratchbuilding supplies and hard work, with the aim of finally bringing 'Miniature Multiverse' to life in the next few days, BEFORE I finish 'Spiral Skies' or 'Panoramic Worlds'. I am, in fact, launching Miniature Multiverse on Itch.IO soon, for Windows, and soon after Mac OS X, and also trying to launch on Steam and also through the Humble Store. I've ditched plans for early access as of January 2018 because I want to make the launch as successful as possible.

The scope of the tour is being pushed to be as ambitious as I can afford; many panoramic nodes across varied worlds, actual puzzle and narrative content, and a decent menu system with autosaves, hotkeys, inventory system, in-game graphics and audio settings options, etc, on initial release and noticeably expanded designs for the explorable areas of Vyrsul and Pryme in particular. The tour has integrated animation in many nodes and a series of puzzles planned, along with narrative content.

I fully intend to launch with all the core storyline stuff implemented, which means you may have to wait until mid-2018 to play this. The miniature worlds are substantial, sprawling environments that take up an alarming amount of space in my garage and have involved a lot of creative handcrafting!

If you want to see the old original Kickstarter page, click here.

For my other art projects - visit TriumphantArtists.com and start looking around from there.

For the Itch.IO page related to Miniature Multiverse, where it'll be available for $1.50 in 3-4 months,  click here.

I am also working toward releases at about the same time on the Humble Store and on Steam, once the core 23 worlds are finished and the game's in a relatively finished state, and pages on the Humble Store and Steam plus a short video trailer will be made available online as that final release approaches.

More news and content will be posted over time.  Please keep tabs on this site and hit the refresh button if nothing new shows up after a while.  I've just put this website together, and it'll change and expand dramatically over the next few weeks as more information is posted.

Here is an early view of Vyrsul, one of the worlds now being assembled in Unity:

Miniature Multiverse - Vyrsul