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Miniature Multiverse Images


Miniature Multiverse is a first-person puzzle/adventure game set in a varied array of imaginative, handcrafted miniature worlds.

The method used to create this, along with the initial vision for it, circa 2011, was explained in the quick Kickstarter video from 2011 shown here in a somewhat condensed form [with the Kickstarter specific stuff largely removed]:


The crowdfunding campaign failed in 2011 but the game's not dead. KS staff gave the idea a 'projects we love' designation but it was not successfully funded at the time. Since then, I've not only accidentally lost the ability to log into that 2010-era Kickstarter account due to the Kickstarter shift to 'Facebook login' but frustratingly a lot of people followed that KS after it failed - I've built up a ton of supplies and materials needed to get a great baseline version of the project working but lack an obvious direct way to let those people know that the project could still materialize in a larger form. The KS profiles in question who became interested in following this defunct KS account include 'paul tidwell', 'Mateo Hawkins', 'carlestate', 'gagw', 'Jessica47873', and 'Pamela61582'. Basically, while the KS link exists for historical reasons, don't follow the old KS account as it will not be updated. For current and relevant info on what I am doing now, please instead follow my profiles on Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest. Thanks.

I'm using Unity 2017 and Playmaker, a digital camera with 20+ megapixel stills, a mix of lenses, DIY camera mount, and a lot of miniature scratchbuilding supplies and hard work, with the aim of finally bringing 'Miniature Multiverse' to life by the end of 2018.

That is, BEFORE I finish 'Spiral Skies' or 'Panoramic Worlds'. I am, in fact, launching Miniature Multiverse on Itch.IO soon as a Windows game, and also trying to launch on Steam and also through the Humble Store. I ditched plans for early access as of January 2018,   because I want to make the launch as successful and polished as possible.

The scope of this is being pushed to be as ambitious as I can afford; many panoramic nodes across varied worlds, actual puzzle and narrative content, and a decent menu system with autosaves, hotkeys, inventory system, in-game graphics and audio settings options, etc, on initial release - and my intention, as deranged as it may be, is to launch the first 23 worlds, the entire story of the game, before the end of 2018. This does have integrated animation in many nodes and a series of interconnected puzzles planned, along with narrative content. It's not a virtual tour. It's a full-fledged game.

The miniature worlds are substantial, sprawling environments that take up an alarming amount of space in my garage and have involved a lot of creative handcrafting!

If you want to see the old original Kickstarter page, click here.

For my other art projects - visit TriumphantArtists.com and start looking around from there.

For the Itch.IO page related to Miniature Multiverse, where it'll be available for $1.50 fairly soon,  click here.

I am also working toward releases at about the same time on the Humble Store and on Steam, once the core 23 worlds are finished and the game's in a relatively finished state, and pages on the Humble Store and Steam plus a short video trailer will be made available online as that final release approaches.

I cannot stress this enough, though: The exact timing of the release is largely dependent on me scraping together adequate resources to complete it. I think that any amount of cash I can pull together in support of this project, would be helpful. I've already got over 80% of the stuff covered, but that is $1270 or so put together over a multiple-year span with, admittedly, a few minor creative missteps along the way.

For example, I changed cameras partway through. I tried capturing in a single still using silver Christmas ornaments, and chrome ball bearings, extracting reflections from those with a mounted 14, then 20-megapixel camera. I ended up abandoning the one-shot node method entirely and transitioned in 2017 to simply positioning a camera vertically inside the scene and rotating it in 15 degree increments with a fisheye lens, then stitching and perspective-adjusting all of those photos together into a complete panorama.

This also involves adding animation, and replacing some of the background with digital 'set extensions', painting the environment surrounding the miniature out meticulously. Then of course, this process which takes a few hours, has to be repeated a few hundred times for every single one of the different nodes in all the 20+ different worlds.

Some challenges have come up which make a release prior to November 2018 unlikely. Other things may take priority while I'm still in Texas. Sorry. I'll let you know when the situation improves, but the upside of giving the project more time is better-looking miniatures and a more polished release overall.

If you are frustrated waiting for my game to be done, you might want to look at this series as a similar sort of game project, even though it does not use miniatures, it's still worth a look. I even have a related fansite for these games because they've inspired and influenced me significantly in a creative sense.

If you want me to be able to ditch the low-wage freelance gigs, and focus full time on projects like this one, or Panoramic Worlds, Vivid Minigolf, etc... I hope you'll buy Miniature Multiverse when it's released, or maybe buy something else I'll be selling between now and then, or just keep browsing my network of websites for free updates and more cool stuff.

   This is the eBay shop where I sell many of my items. I also have a shop on HornbostelProductions.com, so check that out too. Here is an early view of Vyrsul, one of the worlds now being assembled in Unity: Miniature Multiverse - Vyrsul

Also, here is a random link to one of the other things in my web network:

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